Development should generally occur against the latest commit on the main branch. Please be sure that you are using the development documentation from there as well instead of reading the latest released documentation. One place to find these is the latest version on Read the Docs.

Preparing a release

Things to do for releasing:

  • check for open issues / pull requests that really should be in the release

    • come back when these are done

    • … or ignore them and do another release next week

  • check for deprecations “long enough ago” (two months or two releases, whichever is longer)

    • remove affected code

  • do the actual release changeset

    • select new version number

    • checkout a new branch release-vX.Y.Z

    • bump version number in qtrio/_version.py

      • remove +dev tag from version number

    • run towncrier

  • push to the primary repository

    • a tag will be created on the branch and the tag should be in the primary repository

  • create pull request to altendky/qtrio’s “main” branch

  • verify that all checks succeeded

  • get a review

  • tag with vX.Y.Z, push tag

  • download wheel and sdist from build artifacts and unpack

  • push to PyPI:

    twine upload dist/*
  • replace the +dev version tag in the same pull request as vX.Y.Z+dev

  • merge the release pull request