Preparing a release

Things to do for releasing:

  • check for open issues / pull requests that really should be in the release

    • come back when these are done

    • … or ignore them and do another release next week

  • check for deprecations “long enough ago” (two months or two releases, whichever is longer)

    • remove affected code

  • do the actual release changeset

    • select new version number

    • checkout a new branch release-vX.Y.Z

    • bump version number in qtrio/

      • remove +dev tag from version number

    • run towncrier

  • push to your personal repository

  • create pull request to altendky/qtrio’s “master” branch

  • verify that all checks succeeded

  • get a review

  • tag with vX.Y.Z, push tag

  • download wheel and sdist from build artifacts and unpack

  • push to PyPI:

    twine upload dist/*
  • replace the +dev version tag in the same pull request as vX.Y.Z+dev

  • merge the release pull request